Video Killed the Film Star

by Pat Sinnott on February 24, 2013

It’s happened again. Back in 1980 MTV played it’s first video from the band The Buggles. It was called Video Killed to Radio Star. Now according the The Independent ,video is about to finish off film. Digital is taking over Hollywood. No matter how many big stars and big directors fight it they now all admit that it’s going to happen as traditional celluloid, is quickly becoming the film equivalent of the vinyl record.

It’s said that film give a certain quality that paints a picture that video can’t give. Film buffs may talk about the “feel” of film, with all its subtleties. One Oscar-winning cinematographer Wally Pfister said: ”I am not going to trade my oil paints for a set of crayons.”

Crayons? Yes film any be the oil paints by video is more like a Sharpie. Video is real. It strips away the gloss. It’s also fast so more story can be created. Traditional celluloid requires film reels to be change every 10 minutes. No wonder it’s so expensive. Everything has to stop.  Stars spend almost as much time in their trailer as they do on set with these endless breaks. But there’s no need to stop with digital – and some pampered A-listers have had a rude awakening. Robert Downey Jr recently said, ‘I can’t work like this, I never get to go to my trailer, I never can get my shit together, I’m on my feet 14 hours a day, I’m shooting all the time.

Poor baby…Welcome to the world of work Bud!

While film stars might resent having to work harder, James Cameron is excited by the “field of possibilities” offered by digital. George Lucas dismisses celluloid as “a 19th-century invention”, while David Lynch is “done” with film and Lana Wachowski describes digital cameras as “the new aesthetic”.

So video once again has became the great equalizer. Somehow I think Hollywood will survive but for those of us that have been shooting with video for the last twenty years, you have some catching up to do. New cinema created is being created all over the world with a video camera and an idea. Folks like you and me are going to give Hollywood a shake up. They will have the deep pockets to do some amazing this with technology but we know the stories. They’re our stories so get ready to tell them.

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Report from VideoNuze Will Richmond

Adobe’s VP, Monetization shares some highlights from the company’s newly-released 2012 Digital Video Ad report. The data is based on over 2.5 billion video ads that Adobe served in the second half of 2011 across customers like MLB, Comcast, Fox News and other premium video providers.

Key findings included:

- Mid-rolls have an 87% completion rate, 30% higher than pre-rolls

- Ad completion rates of 94% on mobile devices (tablets and smartphones) are the highest of any viewing environment

- Ad completion rates for live content are 85%, which is 23% than for VOD

All in all, the report concludes that advertising in online video is becoming more similar to broadcast TV as the ad loads are increasing and viewers become more tolerant.

The full report is located here.


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